Forearm Crutch Pads - Neoprene Open Cuff

Walking aids are practical and make movement easier. But if you have to use Forearm Crutches over a long period of time, friction and pressure problems can arise. The arm pads can help prevent this.
Pair of Neoprene Open Cuff Forearm Crutch Pads are easy to put onto your crutches. They make your crutches so comfortable and soft on your arm.

They have a cut out at the back to fit around the reflector if your crutches have one.

They have a flap that goes around the front of your arm to help keep the crutches on your arm.  BUT...they ARE NOT meant to replace a full cuff crutch which are designed for specific needs and support. 

Take your open cuff crutch and pull the flap forward horizontally to select tension - shirt, sweater or jacket.

Swing the flap around and fasten.

20- mm fastening tolerance on vertical heights. (up or down)

20x20 mm is designed to be the maximum hook and loop fastening area to allow an arms release in case of a fall but enough to stay on arms when using hands. This is the reason the strips go in 2 directions.

The Open Cuff Pads will fit onto a variety of Open Cuff Crutches. Shown below on Ossenberg Open Cuff Crutches and Kowsky Open Cuff Crutches. 

They wash and wear well.

Price is for a Pair 

Made in Canada