Briggs Healthcare

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Folding Reacher. For those with limited strength or range of motion, grabbing items on the ground or on a high shelf can be a pain. Now you can effortlessly retrieve hard to reach objects with this Reach and Grab Switch Stick. Extend your reach by over two feet. Simply align the jaw around the item and pull the trigger with either hand. The non-slip grip firmly secures the item - no bending or stretching needed.

Ideal for limited hand strength/bending difficulty, Extends reach and collapses for storage
Serrated jaw, non-slip textured grip, rotates . Magnetic tip for picking up light metal objects
Opposite arm tripper on top for opposite hand use, Hook on gripper for picking up key rings
Reacher hangs from coat hook on the trigger base
Made of lightweight aluminum, 26" length, 15" when folded, 5" wide jaw opening