CRUTCH TIP with steel inlay, hinge action and springs




This Ossenberg rubber Forearm Crutch Tip is additionally equipped with a joint effect and a suspension. This Tip will also fit onto Canes with a tube or shaft dimension of 16mm or 19mm.

The joint action ensures that the rubber capsule remains constantly on the ground, even if the walking aid is held at an angle. This gives the user a safe feeling while walking.
In addition to the joint effect, the suspension provides a pleasant walking feeling.

tread Ø: 52mm  
• Height: 60mm 
• Weight: 69g
• Color: Black

Available sizes
• For pipe Ø: 16 mm (5/8 ") 
• For pipe Ø 19 mm  (3/4")

Because they can be used on single canes or crutches these tips are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY!