Classic Canes


A striking height-adjustable derby featuring a vivid print of Watercolor Poppies. The Poppy is one of the best-loved Wildflowers that can be worn any time. It is also a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who lost their lives in conflict. The poppy was adopted for this purpose after the First World War and the publication of John McCrae's 1915 poem 'In Flanders Fields', with its famous first line, "In Flanders fields the poppies blow". The naturalistic poppies are shown on a black background. This walking stick is height-adjustable from 73 to 95cm (approximately 29 to 37.5"), making it suitable for a wide variety of users.  It is fitted with a chrome collar and a black, non-slip rubber tip.  
Item weight 265g.  Tip diameter 16mm.