Safety Foot Quad Tip Attachment for Crutches and Canes




The SAFETY FOOT 4-Point Base is Solid, and stable - for maximum mobility! New Lower Price!

Quick and easy to mount on any walking aid, they help you walk safely through life. In everyday life as well as in leisure time, for young and old or for people who cannot do without a walking aid. The “Safety Foot” arose out of the need to give people with walking difficulties safety and support on surfaces such as snow, sand or on field and hiking trails.

Solid construction:

Metal components made of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic parts offer maximum load-bearing capacity with low weight. Maximum load per foot 200 kg.

Secure hold:

The special choice of material and construction of the sole ensures maximum slip resistance on wet and slippery surfaces. The flexible rubber joint in the upper part of the SAFETY FOOT enables a secure hold even on uneven or sloping surfaces and supports the ergonomic unrolling of the walking aids. The special geometry guarantees even weight distribution and prevents sinking into loose and soft surfaces.

The inventor and entrepreneur Patrick Mayer has been dependent on walking aids and wheelchairs since a sports accident. As a landscape photographer, he claims to be able to move safely and steadily on any terrain, in any weather and in any season. The "SafetyFoot" - a clever SWISS MADE product - is available for walking aids in the most popular sizes.

 The price is for a SINGLE unit. 

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