Walking With Your Cane

Walking With Your CaneWalking the correct way with your cane is important.

For the majority of injuries such as a broken leg or hip, a cane should be used in the opposite hand to the injury. Walking with a cane helps to exercise the recovering muscles while still allowing for weight reduction on the injury. The goal is to keep your shoulders and hips in alignment to avoid any further injuries or wear and tear on your joints.

There are cases where walking with a cane on the same side of an injury or weakness is correct. Consult with your physician.

If you have a muscular or nerve problem whereby the muscles just stop working properly in mid step or without warning, then a cane becomes a tool to catch your step or stop you from falling over.

When using a cane for balance, walking with either hand is acceptable. It is recommended to walk so that the cane and the opposite foot touch the ground at the same time. Walking with a cane in this manner helps to keep a better gait.

Please note that this information is a guide only. 

Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you require specific, medical advice on this matter.