About Us

We started Classy Canes by Jackie in 2003 for the simple reason that if you have to use a Cane why not have a nice one.

They had to be fashionable and affordable! We realized that so many people need more than a cane and the only other mobility aids around look so clinical.

Metal crutches go clicking down the halls with nothing appealing and no options for comfort.

So in 2009 Cool Crutches by Jackie was formed by bringing well made, colorful, comfortable crutches into Canada.

That's when we discovered the amazing Crutcheze crutch pads and grips along with the handy crutch bags. They not only make you feel more comfortable but brighten up your crutches and help you carry those essentials. Not just for crutches though. 

2010 Wheely Cool Stuff was formed.

There are now beautiful, functional, colorful bags and totes to help you cart your daily items around securely. Funky, pretty, fashionable walker bags make great gifts for grandma, grandpa or anyone recovering from surgery as well as those people using rollators, wheelchairs and walkers on a long term daily basis. 

From notes to laptops and gum to groceries you will find the right bag.

This truly is a passion for me so when you order I understand that this is a personal item for you that requires a personal touch at times. I myself have had to use and still use some of the products.  I will contact you by email or telephone if you wish to talk about your order. I want to make sure you know what you are getting and may be able to help you with your decision. 

I have loved getting the pictures, emails and phone calls from customers after they get their new items.

Nascar driver Carl Edwards used a crutch bag I sent to him. Dina Pugliese from BT (Breakfast Television) used my canes and her brother in-law used my black crutches to walk down the isle. Marilyn Denis was so blown away in the beginning of my business journey that she read my letter and showed my items on her Cityline show. For 5 years I was an exhibitor at the People in Motion Show in Toronto and I got to meet up with some of my customers each year...How Cool is That!

When I started this, I never thought that I myself would need to use my own products. 

Hah!  I ended up on a pair of Forearm Crutches for 2 1/2 years.

I was a walking advertisement with my turquoise and purple crutches.

The pain was intense until I had my Knee Replacements on Both Legs at the same time!!!

Things didn't heel as well as expected during the past 4 years so I have a selection of amazing canes that I have been using all along and love when the new patterns come out. I always order a new one for myself.

On June 29 2016 I needed revision Knee surgery so I got out the Purple and Turquoise Forearm Crutches and gave myself 2 more pairs for selection! I have 3 different Crutcheze Bags for them as well. 

Because of this I gained a whole new insight into using the aids and how people treat you while using the aids.I know this has helped me connect with my customers on a whole new level and for that I am thankful. I don't just sell products on the internet, I use them !!!

I have had nothing but great support and a lot of help from my husband of over 34 years and our 2 daughters. We even have a junior executive who is now 9 1/2 yrs old and started when she was 2. She loves all of the colors in the shop. She helps Nanny pick patterns and has gone with us to meet some customers with special deliveries. Now she has created Brooky's Bling Zipper Pulls for our Zippers. The staff in the post office know her well. 

Our mission is simple:

To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest price possible.

Our Motto.

"Get Mobile in Style...Great for a Lifetime or Just for Awhile"

You can shop online, you can email us or call us for help or suggestions or

you can make an appointment to come to the shop.

​​​So enough about me or us, Now it's all about YOU!

Thank you for your support


 Just a few notes from my wonderful customers.            

Yes, he seemed happy despite the fact that this is his first cane with all the symbol that comes along with it (age, lack of mobility etc..)
Thanks for your outstanding service, cane showed up the next day of the order and cane was as per you clear pictures.

 Thanks so much again sweet jackie. You have helped me so much by making me feel more confident with my injury...



 "Jackie   its Mary-Rachel 

picked up my box....brought it home..took a picture!, the pink polka dot tape was sooo pretty & cute....cool... I un-wrapped the box, opened it... un-wrapped the crutches, saw they were purple (my fav colour) & almost fell to the floor, I was soooo happy!. the crutcheze bag its cool... waaay nicer then I could make, totally love the crutches, the ergonomic hand grips and also there's a reflector on both sides.

 "Wonderful. Thank you both very much for your courteous and professional service.

Have an enjoyable weekend
Bob ".

"Hi, Jackie:
Good day!
I was so happy when my husband brought home your parcel just now. It is such a pretty classy cane and is exactly like the one I saw in London. I love it! ... I can't wait to show it off.
Alice :)))"

hi jackie - you are my angel! you have no idea how much your beautiful canes have helped me! i've received loads of compliments and inquiries