NEW!!! The grey plush bear with crutches is a lovingly designed cuddly toy that is only available from Ossenberg. Unique are his Ossenberg crutches, which are attached to his hands and arms with Velcro. The teddy bear can therefore stand both with and without forearm crutches.
This plush bear has soft and cuddly fur in a delicate shade of grey that invites you to stroke and cuddle it.
With a size of about 30 centimetres, it is the ideal companion for at home, on the road or in hospital.
Whether as a gift for a sick child, as a companion for senior citizens or simply as a cute cuddly toy for everyone, he brings joy and comfort.

– Plush bear in light grey
– with neckerchief
– 30 cm high, 20 cm wide, 17 cm deep
– cuddly fur made of 100 % polyester
– removable crutches with velcro fastener
– crutches in red / light grey are softly padded
– embroidery on crutches
– Bandage on left leg
– hand wash
– CE certified

We also have the OssenBear small– KEY RING PLUSH BEAR WITH CRUTCHES