Our New Addition: The Kowsky Adjustable Cane is made of light metal with push button height adjustments, a comfortable derby soft grip, black plastic parts and a choice of colors for the alloy tube.

This well made German Cane is sturdy and simply perfect looking in anyone's hand. From young to not so young you can pick a color that puts a smile on your face and maybe a little spring in your step.

I have 8 colors to start but there are many more to chose from if interest is there!

Resilience (body weight) 100 kg
Weight 296 g
Adjustment 9-fold in the lower part with a push button/clip
Dimensions handle to floor 79 cm - 99 cm
Handle length Derby soft grip 11.3 cm 
Upper pipe diameter  20 mm
Lower tube diameter  17 mm
Tip size 16 mm