Forearm Crutch Pads - Neoprene Open Cuff

Pair of Neoprene Open Cuff Forearm Crutch Pads are easy to put onto your crutches. They make your crutches so comfortable and soft on your arm.

They have a cut out at the back to fit around the reflector if your crutches have one.

They have a flap that goes around the front of your arm to help keep the crutches on your arm.  BUT...they ARE NOT meant to replace a full cuff crutch so the flap will open if you are trying to lift your arms up and have your crutch hang from your arm like a full cuff crutch does.

The velcro goes 2 directions so that it is easy for people that have a hard time reaching over to fit the velcro perfectly together. 

The Open Cuff Pads will fit onto a variety of Open Cuff Crutches. Shown below on Ossenberg Open Cuff Crutches and Kowsky Open Cuff Crutches. 

We have tested the pads with our customers and have had great feedback. They wash and wear well.

Price is for a Pair 

Made in Canada