Forearm Crutch Pads - Neoprene Full Cuff

Neoprene Crutch Pads for Full Cuff Forearm Crutches.

Walking aids are practical and make movement easier. But if you have to use assistants over a long period of time, friction and pressure problems can easily arise. The arm pads can prevent this.

Pair of Neoprene Forearm Crutch Pads that are perfect for the Ossenberg Full Cuff Crutches but do fit beautifully on Walk Easy Full Cuff Crutches as well. Black soft comfortable padding made of Neoprene that fit onto the cuff perfectly. Full Cuff Crutch Pads fit all around the cuff without slipping and sliding around. They give warmth and comfort to the Cuff. They have been tested by our customers and have received rave reviews. They wear well and wash well! They are a great addition to the crutches.

Also available in Open Cuff 

Price is for a Pair

Made in Canada