Adaptable Designs MVP Bag

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Walker, Wheelchair, Scooter, Stroller and even a Crutch Bag. Want to keep a remote control, cellular phone, water bottle, eyeglasses or other small items handy? This "Most Valuable Pouch" may be just what you're looking for.

Fleece lined pocket is soft and helps provide cushioning protection for phone, remote control, eyeglasses, magnifying glass or other needed items.

Handy pen/pencil slot may be used for a Mini Maglite or similar sized flashlight, pen or other device.

Back side of MVP has a slip-in pocket for very small items.

Easily and securely attaches to scooter or wheelchair armrest, walker or bedrail using a Velcro-like hook and loop closure. (Note: this hangs on the outside of the armrest so it is suitable for power but not manual wheelchairs.) A great place for this pouch on most power chairs is on the metal tubing by your knees. This placement is especially handy for a water bottle or cellular phone.

Made of durable, weather resistant packcloth and fleece.

Size: 6" x 10"; (dimensions are for each side; total dimensions are 6" x 20")

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple

Only while supplies last.