NEW!!! The grey plush bear with crutches is an adorable key ring that adds a dose of cuteness to any day. With its soft grey fur and lovingly designed details, it immediately catches everyone’s eye.
The underarm walkers are his special feature and also give him his uniqueness.
Simply attach the bear to your key ring, bag or rucksack and take him with you wherever you go. In doing so, he will keep you in a good mood and remind you to always stay strong and positive, even in difficult times.
Give this adorable keychain as a gift to friends, family or yourself to spread joy and comfort

– 13.5 cm high, 9 cm wide, 5.5 cm deep
– cuddly fur made of 100 % polyester
– with forearm crutches firmly sewn on
– crutches in light grey / red
– rotating metal pendant with key ring
– Bandage on left leg
– hand wash
– CE certified

We also have the OssenBear big - CUDDLY TOY - TEDDY BEAR WITH CRUTCHES