Kowsky Full Cuff Forearm Crutches, Black on Colors  (pair).

Kowsky Full Cuff Forearm Crutches are Classy, Cool Crutches that are Stunning! They are lightweight, comfortable and well made crutches from Germany. Kowsky has been in business for over 100 years and have brought their Full Cuff Crutches Back to us! We call these the Formal or Dressy Crutches even though they are for every day living!

  • Extremely light and yet very strong.
  • 3 fold adjustable height for Forearm/Cuff Extension
  • 9 fold adjustable height in Lower Tube using Push Button
  • a cap nut for tightening the tubes has you walking with no noise.
  • Non-skid natural rubber suction cap that does not lose its elasticity even in the cold.
  • Full color means that all of the Metal parts on the crutches are colored. The grips, forearm and cuffs are Black
  • Soft Anatomic Grips are made for specific hand and are extremely comfortable.
  • We can change them to Soft Ergonomic Grips that fit either hand by contacting us directly. No Extra Charge 


Cuff Diameter 9.5 cm
Cuff to grip...22cm - 24.5cm 
Grip to ground...76cm - 96cm
Grip length...12cm
Diameter of upper tube...20cm
Diameter of lower tube...17cm
Weight approx. 620g per pair
Maximum tested stability under load...140kg
Materials and Processing
Plastic parts...Polyamide
Suction cap...Natural rubber with steel reinforcement
Grip...TPE (TPEs are a family of rubber like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.)