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Dropmenot is a Ultra Hygienic - High Performance - Durable  Universal Holder for Crutches\Canes\Umbrellas for Public Use And In The Home!  

With Anti-Microbial Protection!

Hospital, Nursing Homes etc. acquired infections can occur for many reasons. Cutting down the risk of them is everyone's responsibility. At Dropmenot, we've gone the extra mile and designed a holder that is not just durable - but resistant to bacteria that comes in contact with it. That's right. By incorporating an anti-bacterial resin additive, at the manufacturing stage, our Ultra Hygienic range of holders will prevent the passage of bacteria that can result in infection.
Unlike other, surface applied anti-bacterial products,  this protection works from the inside'. In other words, it cannot be washed away.


A Dropmenot Says You Care About Your Customers, Patients and Family! 

The Dropmenot is an amazingly useful 'auxiliary aid' and solves a problem for organisations and domestic users around the world.  Here are some examples of use cases:
  • Transit Stations - Ticket Booths
  • Hospitals - Bedside Lockers, Examination Rooms, Departments, Orthopedics
  • Care Homes - Day Lounges, Bathrooms and Bedrooms
  • Public Buildings - Libraries, Community Access Centers
  • Retail Fashion - Changing Rooms, Checkout Desk
  • Care in the Community - Home installations to reduce 'falls risks'.
  • Restrooms and Toilets - Everywhere
  • Post Offices - Counters, Writing Desks, 

Here's What People Say About Dropped Canes and Crutches

The Users...

"Most of the time, when I'm in a public place, I have nowhere to secure my crutches when I'm not using them. They fall over. Even when I'm at work, I lay them against a wall near my desk and time and again, they fall on the floor."
"I saw a chap with two aluminium crutches try to use the urinal beside mine. There was nowhere for him to put the crutches so he tried putting them against the tiled wall. They just slipped and fell. He couldn't pick them up so we helped. It was undignified and definitely unhygienic. Surely there must be a better way!"
The Service Providers...
"We can't find a cane holder that is suitable for use in an area with high customer traffic. Most of what's available is just too light-weight and wouldn't stand up to repeated use by customers."
"This is a hospital. If we were to buy something for holding walking canes and crutches, it would definitely be useful but we'd need to make sure that it had been made with infection control in mind."


Your Staff, Maintenance or Service Dept can easily install the Dropmenot.

It can be fixed securely to a wall or counter front in a few minutes and can be cleaned with only hot soapy water and a clean cloth.  

Package contains: Dropmenot Holder, Hexagonal Bolts (Countersunk Heads), Allen Key and Pan Head Wood Screws.