Rebotec Safe-In Forearm Crutches, Anatomic Soft Grip


$71.00 $100.00


Rebotec Safe-In Full Cuff Forearm Crutches for all-day use provides safe, comfortable, solid and steady support . Very well constructed. Not Fancy but Fantastic and Affordable! Height adjustable forearm crutches with an almost full cuff and flexible hinge system.

Features a cuff under the elbow, which helps reduce strain and keeps some pressure off the wrist while in motion.

Anatomic Soft Grip is specific to either your right or left hand with a molded wing like form for you to lean on for even more comfort. 

Featuring a safe night light reflector facing back. 

Size of the forearm crutches from handgrip to the floor (adjustable from 74 cm – 97 cm).

Ten adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff (adjustable from 22 cm – 25 cm).

Partial color meaning all Plastics are colored and the tubing is anodized aluminum. 

Bodyweight capacity of 130 kg. 

Design and manufactured in Germany. 

Clearance:  These are not as fancy as the Ossenberg or the Kowsky Brands but they do the job well. I do have customers who have loved these over the years too. This is all the stock I have so I am clearing them for more products.