About Us

Classy Canes by Jackie, Cool Crutches by Jackie and Wheely Cool Stuff :

Classy Canes by Jackie: We procure canes for every occasion. High Quality, Affordable products imported from Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy the USA and more. 

Cool Crutches by Jackie: We bring you the best, well made, colorful, comfortable crutches from Europe. We also have crutch and walker pads and grips along with matching bags. They make you feel more comfortable, brighten up your crutches and help you carry those essentials.

Wheely Cool Stuff:  We provide beautiful, functional, colorful bags and totes to help you cart your daily items around securely on your wheelchair or walker.


 Our mission since 2003 is simple:
 To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest price possible.

Our Motto.
"Get Mobile in Style...Great for a Lifetime or Just for Awhile"

Not only have hundreds of customers over the years expressed their happiness but Jackie herself had to use these products and can give you a Personal Perspective on just how Great they Are!

You can shop online, you can email us or call us for help or suggestions or
you can make an appointment to come to the shop.