Cane Stay, Cane Holder




Without a doubt, the Cane Stay is the easiest cane holder to attach to canes, keeping them in place and upright where you need them.

The cane stay will easily attach to any 3/4" or larger cane.  It's new design allows users with arthritris to easily position cane stay for use in different applications. The unique wide design makes the cane stay easy to balance against a wall, this is unique because many cane clips on the market rely on a table to hold the cane in place.Simply squeeze the back-end wings, place it around the neck of your cane, and release.  Available in Black and Violet

There are lots of stories about canes falling. Not only are they an inconvenience to pick up (since many cane users are the ones least poised to bend over and pick things up off the floor), they are often a hazard causing the cane user, a loved one, or care-giver to trip and injure themselves.

Cane Stays are latex-free and 100% made in the USA.