Adaptable Designs TOTE for Wheelchair, Walker, Scooter or Stroller

Adaptable Designs

Type:  Tote


Great Tote or Large Walker, Wheelchair, Stroller or Scooter Bag. Generously sized single compartment has plenty of room for groceries, sweater or other bulky items. (It is actually sized to hold one full size large brown grocery bag and is great for shopping, swap meets, etc.) Folds up to tuck away when not in use.

Convenient top closure: zip it closed; leave it open and tucked inside; or telescope it up for even more room. Ring-type zipper pull is particularly helpful for those with limited hand dexterity.

Hangs on wheelchair (15" to 24" wheelchairs with push handles) with sturdy web straps. Can be used as a heavy duty liner for scooter or walker baskets. Great for all "stuff" you carry on the Stroller too.

Two strips of reflective tape add a nice look and helps ensure visibility.

Made of durable, weather resistant packcloth. 

Size: 13" x 17.5" x 7"

Color: Black