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The Ossenberg wheelchair, rollator umbrella offers optimum protection from rain and sun, while your hands are available to maneuver your mobility device. This umbrella is perhaps the most sensible, since the invention of the walker.
The wheelchair,rollator umbrella can be adjusted easily using a push button mechanism to open straight up or on a angle.  Easily folds down to the side when not being used. 

A roof made ​​of microfiber fabric ensures that no moisture penetrates, but lets wind go safely through the overlapping fabric openings.
This is a well made, sturdy, reliable product from Germany.



• Height adjustment and automatic opening
• Easily assembled and disassembled
• fastening material incl. For round and oval tube



Weight: shield with mounting flask: 790 g

Screen diameter: 105 cm


Package Contents:
 Rollator umbrella with locking joints

Mounting unit, pre-assembled for tube Ø 22 mm

Mounting clamps for pipe-Ø 18/20 / 25mm

Screw (2 pieces) M6 x 45 mm

Screw (2 pieces) M6 x 75 mm

Allen key


The fixing unit of Rollators is already suitable for mounting on standard walker with 22 mm steel tubing preassembled

For the fastening on 18/20/25 mm round tube, the corresponding exchange mounting clamps

For the attachment to the oval tube please select a matching set the enclosed mounting brackets and screws, so that a tight fit is ensured

For attaching to the TOPRO "Troy", please use one each 22 + 18 mm mounting clamp