KOWSKY FOREARM (ELBOW) CRUTCHES, OPEN CUFF, Soft Anatomic Grip, Full Color (Pair)




 Kowsky Open Cuff Crutches, Full Color  (pair).

  •  extremely light and yet very strong.
  • the Semi-elliptical cuff  supports the ulna optimally no matter what type of clothing is worn.
  • adjustable length with a push button.
  • a cap nut for absolutely no noise when tightening the tubes.
  • Non-skid natural rubber suction cap that does not lose its elasticity even in the cold.
  • Full color means that all of the parts on the crutches are colored 
  • Hand grips are comfortable in specific hand with Anatomical right and left styles

These are one solid color HOWEVER you can click on  Kowsky Color Viewer and view the possibilities. Let your personality shine through!

SOLD IN PAIRS...However  we can sell them individually so please contact us directly. 


Cuff to grip...9 in
Grip to ground...30 to 38 in
Diameter of middle tube...0.79 x 0.06 in
Diameter of lower tube...0.67 x 0.06 in
Weight approx. 1 lb 6 oz/piece
Maximum tested stability under load...308 lbs 10 oz/piece
Materials and Processing
Plastic parts...Polyamide
Suction cap...Natural rubber with steel reinforcement
Grip...TPE (TPEs are a family of rubber like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.)

 Sold by the Pair.. To purchase a Single Crutch contact us directly using the contact us page.