Classic Canes


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An extremely eye-catching crystal formal cane suitable for use on the most glamorous occasions by any gender.
The large, multi-faceted crystal sits in a silver colored metal mount atop a tapered, black wooden shaft, fitted with a discreet, non-slip rubber tip.
The crystal is secured to the cane with an elegant metal fixing that runs through the center of the crystal and is topped with a second crystal inset in the top of the cane. The light bounces beautifully off the handle, making this a fascinating object to own.  
Made in Italy
Overall height 92cm.  Tip size 19mm.  Item weight 390g.

This stunning cane comes with a Dress Cane Presentation Sleeve.  It is a very stylish fabric bag to store and protect your dress canes. This item makes a superb presentation sleeve for dress canes given as gifts to loved ones, family & friends. The sleeve features an 36cm in circumference aperture at the top which tapers down to a closed end. The sleeve is branded with the Classic Canes logo in silver paint. Drawstring closure.