Tips...Able Tripod Base


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When balance and stability are essential, walk with confidence using the patented AbleTripod®. Designed to replace the tip of a single point cane or forearm crutch. The durable AbleTripod® is small, lightweight and easy to use on stairs unlike cumbersome quad canes.  

Tips...Able Tripod Base  

 Tips...Able Tripod BaseSelf-standing

Tips...Able Tripod BaseFlexible pods cushion each step reducing impact through hand, wrist, and elbow.

Tips...Able Tripod BaseBio-medically engineered to help normalize gait

Tips...Able Tripod BaseLightweight easy to use on stairs unlike typical multi-pod canes

Tips...Able Tripod BaseGreat on all terrain including grass gravel and sand 
but caution use on ice and snow.

Tips...Able Tripod BaseAesthetic design makes you feel less infirm

 To Measure:

Method 1:

Remove tip from your cane and measure diameter at end of shaft (across the bottom of cane shaft)

Method 2:

Measure cane shaft circumference (measure around the cane shaft) 

 Note: This item contains latex