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How To Size Your Adjustable Cane

How To Size Your Adjustable CaneHow To Size Your Adjustable Cane

When you measure the height of the cane, make sure the shoes that you are wearing are the same height as the shoes you will wear most often when using the cane.

How To Size Your Adjustable Cane Stand up straight on a hard, flat surface, and let your arms hang down loosely at your side. Usually the cane is used on the opposite side of the injury but in some cases it will be used on the same side.

Adjust the height of the cane so that the top portion of the handle touches the inside of the wrist. Your elbow should have a bend to it when using the cane (about 15 to 20 degrees).

Adjusting the height of your cane

1. Most canes have an anti-rattle collar. Turn the anti-rattle collar counterclockwise to loosen.

How To Size Your Adjustable Cane

2. Press the push button in.

How To Size Your Adjustable Cane

3. Slide the lower tube extention up or down until the push button pops though the adjustment hole completely at the correct height. You will hear a click. If you cannot see the push button completely, the cane is NOT secure.


4. When the walking cane is set at the correct height, tighten the anti-rattle collar by turning it clockwise.

How To Size Your Adjustable Cane

Please note that this information is a guide only.

Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you require specific, medical advice on this matter.